Our Philosophy

Slow down to speed up!

photo-compWe believe in treating Swimming as a performance art, and one that is best mastered by connecting with water. Strokes evolve, and we use the latest thinking to coach you to swim fast and efficiently but with style and grace. We also work on your mindset so that you swim more mindfully.

SwimLab will help you to cut through the water effortlessly. There is an ever evolving method to swim “perfectly”. This will vary from person to person, and be influenced by personal objectives and physiology (including injury, habits etc). We start with those, and will teach you to harness your strengths so that you are swimming from A to B beautifully. Our theory is that once you are “connected”, working on the efficiency, speed, and endurance become easy.

Our clients range from IronMen to swimming pool novices, from ages 3 to 93.