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Below you can meet some Swim Lab swimmers and read what they think about Swim Lab.


Meet some Swim Lab swimmers

  • Swimming Nature Customers

    Swim Nature swimmer's parent - 2017

    "Poppy absolutely loved her lesson with Salim. Said she learnt so much already in her first lesson and also loved the fact he was in the water with her (this has never happened before). I have to say Poppy was pumped when I picked her up. :) "

  • Swimming Nature Customers

    Swim Nature swimmer's parent - 2017

    "Salim is a brilliant teacher - he really gels with the teacher and 'deals' with the difficult ones ... He's very supportive of them and my son thinks he's great - I watch every lesson and can find no fault whatsoever."

  • Pat

    Stalwart supporter of the KitKatKlub

    "Thank you for your recent training sessions but especially the Kit Kat club over the Winter all really enjoyable and a lot of work behind the scenes form you and your keen staff.

    I will see you at Shepperton Lake later in May as it is too cold for me at the moment and I like to enjoy my swimming."

  • Jill Hodge

    Watergate Bay Swim Clinic Weekend May 2017

    "I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the swim weekend and that I felt I learnt and improved significantly over the 2 days. I have just done my first 20mins endurance swim session - I did 660m and 73% was crawl! The first 12 length were crawl which is the furthest non-stop crawl I have ever done! I came out really believing I could do this. So thank you for the training and the inspiration."

  • Tanita Tikaram

    Outdoor Swimmer - Summer 2017

    "Stunning setting to improve with ace @SwimLabUK. Hope to glide through the water soon! #cornwall"

  • Ben

    Swimmer - Summer 2017

    "Thank you again for the excellent coaching!"

  • George

    Outdoor Swimmer - Summer 2017

    "Just wanted to say a big thank you for last night! George was buzzing when he got home and can't wait to go again. I was always concerned that open water maybe a step too far for him but he has no fears now thanks to you."

  • Ben Hunter

    Outdoor Swimmer - Summer 2017

    "I cannot believe the improvement I have seen in two sessions!!"

  • Elliot Strebel

    Swimmer - Summer 2017

    "a marvellous instructor, motivating with only the highest praise for you"

  • Susanne Burge

    Swimmer - winter 2017

    Having followed your excellent advice, I have completely changed my breastroke and now can easily cross the pool in 10 (you'll know what I mean!) And, having never had swimming lessons or been able to do front crawl, I have now achieved both, swimming 3-5 miles front crawl a week. It is wonderful - I love it! Having applied recently acquired "skills" in Langlauf to the stroke, my teacher tells me I have inspired the lifeguards to seek lessons in improving their style! So thank you so much for being my inspiration! Now I would like to try wild swimming and wondered if you could advise on where to get a swim wetsuit. Thank you so much! Hoping to catch up with you on one of your freestyle coaching weekends sometime.

  • Esther O’Callaghan

    12/3/17 Watergate Bay Swim Clinic Weekend

    Really great to meet you all at Watergate Bay.

    On Sunday I swam 800m without flippers for the first time ever! Entirely down to the work we did that weekend. Actually felt like I was swimming for the first time ever! And enjoying it. Only another 3,000m to go and I'm there :D :D :D

    Salim - thanks - and lets go swimming again soon. I've rebooked for the May clinic as it will be the week after my first triathlon.

  • Luke J. Howell

    Swimmer - Winter 2017

    You know what, i'm really enjoying myself in the pool again! Swam 600m with Esther at the weekend nonstop (admittedly half with a pull buoy) but enjoyed it. Need to get those legs working properly though!

  • Batsi

    Swimmer at Shepperton - Summer 2016

    The serpentine swim went incredibly well. I was hoping to complete in 45 minutes and ended up doing it in 40.25 minutes. I honestly felt so comfortable in the water and less anxious thanks to a lot of your advice. So thank you, truly!! All the best and am sure will bump into each other at the lake when it warms up. I have a new found appreciation for open water swims

  • Bob

    Swimmer at Shepperton

    "I really enjoyed that last session and learnt a lot of stuff that I am sure will prove useful at Blenheim. Feel a lot more confident about the swim now."
    Summer 2016

  • Tina

    Swimmer at Shepperton - Summer 2016

    "Salim thank you so much for your help today. I’m buzzing and feel this is such a massive achievement from where I was a year ago."

  • Anna

    Triathlete - Summer 2017

    “Hi just done the triathlon. The swim was great thank you so much, all your advice was invaluable and I managed to stay calm and keep going! Time was 16.45 so I’ll definitely be down to Hampton to work on it over the winter!”

  • Ian Wilson

    Outdoor Swimmer - Summer 2016

    “Thanks for the 1-2-1 kayak open water swim session, PB on the Weymouth Ironman 70.3 sea swim element”

  • Ange de Burgh

    Cornish surfer // Shepperton Lake Swimmer - Summer 2016

    “Thanks for an incredible lesson and top tips @salimswimlab – bit of a last minute lifesaver !! Ready to glide my way across Plymouth Sound next week”

  • Anon

    Swimmer at Shepperton - Summer 2016

    “This year you have taught me to swim front crawl and now I am a regular member of your group sessions at the lake. To celebrate this achievement I have entered myself into the Swim Serpentine event on 24th September! However I am really nervous about it as I have never swam a mile before but it’s a good goal to work towards.”

  • Miriam

    Swimmer at Shepperton - Summer 2016

    “Did 10laps and felt good at the end was even able to kick on the last lap! Will aim for 12 next Sunday as the last long swim before 3rd. So on schedule all those hard yards through the winter are paying off
    Thanks to you”

  • Andrew

    Swimmer at Shepperton - Summer 2016

    “I’d just like to say thank you for your help on the sessions we had, I completed the Cardiff Olympic swim in under 30 mins which I was absolutely chuffed with.”

  • Lee

    Swimmer at Shepperton - Summer 2016

    “I’d just like to say how much both girls really enjoyed the lesson at the weekend, so thank you for making their first experience of open water swimming such a positive one.”

  • Lynn

    Swimmer at Shepperton - Summer 2016

    “Just got my time for the swim. 37 mins! My best ever in four years!! V happy. All down to you Salim!... I am so pleased. All my training with Salim really paid off! ... I couldn’t have done it without u! Thank u so much for your patience, expertise and support X”

  • Anna

    Swimmer at Shepperton - Summer 2016

    “Thank you so much for the lesson this morning it made such a difference and I feel much more confident now and I’m looking forward to getting back into the lake at the weekend !”

  • Caroline Davidson

    Writer - 2014

    "In my mind's eye, the image of my father, a beautiful swimmer. In every stroke, not a battle with the water but a collaboration. By the end, I am tired but triumphant. I have all the strength I need." - writing in the Telegraph 08/11/2014

  • Hannah Carter

    Full Time Mum, Surfer, Open Water Swimmer - 2014

    "Thankyou! I loved it. Made me fall back in love with swimming."

  • Alex Wade

    Surfer, Writer - 2014

    "Salim has a nice term for the moment your hand enters the water - 'That's it, when the romance of swimming begins.'"

  • Kath Hudson

    Open Water Swimmer - 2014

    "I can't wait to get back in the pool and practice what I've learnt. I feel I've come away having achieved what I set out to and am eager to tackle the open water, once I get kitted out"

  • Sabrina Bartlett

    Actress - 2014

    "I just wanted to say a big thank you for being my coach. You have been patient, inspiring and an amazing source of support with my swimming and role as Eileen in The Crossing. I honestly would not have been able to it without you and I will never forget all the wonderful training training sessions at Teddington, Hampton and Shepperton."

  • Oliver Beane

    Open Water Swimmer - 2014

    BEFORE: Very exhilarating on Sunday a.m. I have to say! And most definitely value the 1 to1 tuition. I am sure the breath and sighting will come and the panic and anxiety will subside in due course! Practice, practice ".
    AFTER: "Hello Salim! I did it in 56mins 47 secs. Felt great. Had a 30 second wobble panic about 5 mins in and then got myself together. Thank you very much indeed for the 2 sessions. They made all the difference. Last Sun and our first a.m. session I thought I'd have to pull out then after our Wed pm and your calming tones felt like it all came together! Am hooked now!"

  • Lucy Fry

    Writer, Columnist Telegraph and Mail, Open Water Swimmer, Triathlete, and all round fitness person! - 2014

    Salim (and SwimLab) has helped me discover an enjoyment of swimming that I never thought possible! He's a really excellent teacher who manages to make technique drills fun and to scale every specific exercise to each individual swimmer. I love his individualistic approach and his passion for swimming. He's made me think of the sport in a whole new way - as an art form and the antidote to stress; I'm already approaching the water with different eyes… I'll definitely be hiring Salim again.

  • Anthony Mescall

    Triathlete client - 2014

    "I did a sprint triathlon last weekend and did the 750 swim in15.33 which is significantly better than the first race which is encouraging. Felt a direct benefit from our sessions"

  • Piers Plowman

    Swimmer - 2014

    "SwimLab have set up by far the best weekly swim sessions in London. The exciting and enjoyable swim sets that Salim and his team put together on a weekly basis are so addictive. They are testing but yet so different from any other swim session i had ever experienced before. A very warm welcome at the entrance followed immediately by a supportive and motivating team to develop me to become a dynamic, efficient and more powerful swimmer. As a keen sportsman i already enjoyed swimming as just a way to increase fitness. SwimLab however have inspired me to pursue swimming further. I am such a fan of this innovative and friendly company that is run by a fantastic leader!"