Watergate Bay Hotel, Cornwall

Why not join one of our Swim Clinic weekends in the breathtaking setting of Watergate Bay in Cornwall (near Newquay). Perfect that front crawl in the Hotel’s infinity pool overlooking the epic beach itself. We will work with you on land, in the pool and video your stroke. Over the course of the weekend you can complement the swimming with Dinner/lunch at Zacry’s or Fifteen, and perhaps enjoy a massage, treatment. We also offer Yoga and Pilatis programmes to match.

Currently there are 5 “Grown up” and 1 kids weekends scheduled for 2015.

It was great to see our Watergate Bay Swim Clinic featured in Grazia Magazine’s list of ‘Go-and-Do’ holidays! (19 Jan 2015)

September / October

30 September – 2 October: Gourmet Swim Clinic weekend. BOOK


2 -4 December: Gourmet Swim Clinic weekend. BOOK


3 – 5 February 2017 – Gourmet Swim Clinic weekend. BOOK


10 – 12 March 2017: Gourmet Swim Clinic weekend. BOOK


5 – 7 May 2017: Gourmet Swim Clinic weekend. BOOK