Swim to Surf Tips #2

So what happens when you do find yourself in trouble out there? Here are some tips as used by Pro Surfer and Swim Lab team swimmer Tehillah McGuiness :

To Get Out Of Trouble

  1. Build lung capacity by a bit of unstructured play. Swim underwater for as far as you can. Note and build on it. Perfect practice for being held down!! I know!
  2. Keep you cool if your leash snaps. You are buoyant with a wetsuit. Keep a steady rythmn to your stroke, and don’t over kick. 90% of your forward momentum comes from your upper body!! Spot direction every 10 to fifteen strokes.
  3. Don’t fight the rip or the waves. Ride with them.

Style Drill

  1. Bilateral breathing – Learn how to breath every 3 strokes to alternating sides. You can then breath every 2 strokes to whichever side you like depending on the waves.
  2. Perfect a high elbow efficient stroke – The pool drill is to take a float, start with a push off and legs only kicking. After 3 seconds, engage your arms. After your first arm stroke, recover back over whilst fingernail trailing your nails over the surface of the flat pool water. This will automatically pull your arm into an olympian swimmer style stroke. Obviously the objective is to swim with a high elbow stroke as high as the chop conditions will allow.
  3. Glide and reach with every stroke.

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